List: My Recent Ebay Feedback

1. "Epitome of rationalism in warfare. Better than described. WBA." (Aug-10-07 13:02)
2. "Arrived as described, wonderfully kitsch slice of American Modernism, etc." (Sep-25-08 08:24)
3. "Glass goods could not be packed with more care and deliberation; a joy to open." (Sep-26-08 15:59)
4. "For the glass, as in the film, Lando brings an unexpected swashbuckling quality." (Oct-06-08 19:47)
5. "1960's anti-materialism presented in the epitome of 1980s consumerism. WBA, etc." (Mar-20-09 15:43)

Feedback for sellers of: press photo of Robert MacNamara; Knoxville 1982 World's Fair drinking glass; Return of the Jedi McDonald's drinking glass; Empire Strikes Back McDonald's drinking glasses complete set; Zabriskie Point on VHS, respectively.

Posted May 3, 2009.