Thrown together, usually on a Mac, but occasionally in Windows, using Photoshop, BBEdit, Movable Type (although it doesn't run in MT) and Transmit. Tested on a bunch of platforms and browsers.

The rastered type is Johnston Underground by the excellent P22 type house.

Many of the photos were taken with a Pentax digital camera. Others were taken with a 60-year-old Rolleicord medium format camera.

The presentation of body text is designed to create an optimal reading environment for a screen display. The narrow column makes for fast, stressless reading. The use of dark gray text on white provides good, familiar contrast, and the use of a darkened background surrounding it prevents the overbright washout that can occur when tiny black text appears on a large white window.

The site uses multiple-emphasis hypertext. Some links are visible always. Others only visible upon roll-over, or if the user has already visited that link. The idea here is to provide copious linking for details the user cares about (because that's in the spirit of the web) but hide links the user is less inclined to use (because that makes for easier reading). The user expresses this inclination by hovering over text, essentially "foraging" for minor links only when they were about to highlight-copy-and-search for that text.

There is a lot of missing funtionality. It may be missing for a great while.

This site was essentially off the air for three years. It was a labor to get it up and running again. Many thanks to Phil, Jason and Andy for their technical advice, creative criticism and general enthusiasm for this kind of thing.

Not that it always applies directly to anything here, for their collaboration and contribution to my creative life in general, thanks to Greg, Casey, Bill, Dave and Helen.

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