LA Golf

I've adored and used Backpack for almost two years now. Only a couple of weeks ago did I finally find an appropriate application for their "public" mode for Backpack pages: Small LA Golf Courses.

Golf has been an interesting rediscovery for me. After playing for some time (and substantial frustration) as a kid, I'm trying to play the real game again. As a kid there was the appealing technicality of the equipment and the thrall of landscape—in miniature, often, and including elemental simulacra etc. And the elements I once found boring, like the walking, waiting, and the assessment of distance and lie are now exciting to the degree that they capture (again, in miniature) the tropes of adult (particularly professional) life.

Anyway, I'm playing more. So I jotted down my thoughts on short Los Angeles courses you can play with few (or no) clubs and an inconsistent game.

Posted June 4, 2007.