November 29, 2004

Johnny Walker Comic

A recent New Yorker (Cartoon issue) has a cool insert ad from Johnny Walker that features four full pages of comics by Seth. The comics looked cool. As I ripped the pages out.
Posted by Christian at 1:39 PM

November 27, 2004


I just saw Narc. We need more films like this. Too bad it seemed to fall flat in the box office. Perhaps I didn't see it then because the poster art ripped off Traffic.
Posted by Christian at 5:04 PM

November 21, 2004

Touching the Void

PBS is running the great documentary Touching the Void, but you shouldn't watch it. They've awkwardly collapsed the narrative with a new voice-over that ruins the suspense and beauty of the film. Rent it on DVD, it really is worth it.
Posted by Christian at 8:29 PM

November 17, 2004

Hummer Music

If you like the music from that mesmerizing new Hummer spot, know that it is The Album Leaf.
Posted by cmcn at 6:43 PM

November 14, 2004


There are notebooks and then there is Miquelrius.
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November 7, 2004

Katherine Zeta Jones

Entertainment Weekly covers the Nick Nolte Diary as a "courts" item. My name is just a few picas from Katherine Zeta Jones' ass.
Posted by cmcn at 6:46 PM