Curious Elements of "The Eiger Sanction" (Film)

1. "Your turn in the barrel." (As is "over a waterfall" or "most powerful handgun in the world"?)
2. The choice of Pissarro. (Kind of obscure; Audience had to work.)
3. "Two Brews!" (Why not more specific?)
4. "Hemlock" seems to be a given name, but other agents have other "poison" names. (Which came first?)
5. The combination of the homosocial and the homophobic. (A central curiosity.)
6. In Switzerland, the business checking in. (It doesn't pay off.)
7. The afternoon before the climb, CE's drink is waiting for him.
8. Pope's end. (Somewhat uncertain.)
9. Is cutting the rope really necessary? (Doesn't seem to be.)
10. Ben's culpability. (Unresolved given the pat ending on other fronts.)

Posted August 9, 2009.